Wedge Pond Loop -- Sep 4, 2006

Elevation Gain: 30 meters (98 feet)

Climbed by: me, Cathy, Mark, Chris, Stephen, Heather, Theresa, Mick.

This was a nice family outing without much elevation gain (30 meters!), or rough terrain. We parked at the Evan Thomas Day Use parking lot, and walked along the Evan Thomas trail toward Wedge Pond (sort of south-east), then at an intersection of the Wedge Pond Connector trail and the unmaintained remainder of the Evan Thomas trail, we turned right and went for another short while, arriving at the lake not long afterward.

Wedge Pond from part way up The Wedge.
We gathered in the parking lot. For some reason, it was necessary to consult the map in great detail. Come on guys, let's go!
At the far end of the pond, where it's kind of muddy, there were hundreds of these tiny little frogs. This little guy is about thumb-nail sized, believe it or not!
A cabbage moth sitting on a lovely thistle -- Scotland Forever!
The Fortress, from the Wedge Pond. Mark climbed this one not long ago as a side-trip. I'll do it next year, probably.