East End Of Rundle -- Jul 18, 2007

Elevation Gain: 900 meters (2952 feet)

Climbed by: me solo.

Yes, EEOR again. This time I paid more attention to the route. My last time up, I skirted to the right too soon. Well before the actual cliff band near the top. This time I stuck to the trail right up to the alpine meadow.

From there, you can steer left and walk up a rubbly gap in the cliff. Or, you can veer off to the right, following the ridge right up to the summit. That is what I did (like the first time).

This time, I wanted to explore further along the summit ridge. I made it further than I expected to, and may have been able to get further, but I felt uncomfortable with the way the terrain looked further along, and bailed perhaps prematurely.

I tried to find a sneaky way down, but ended up having to traverse back to the main trail. I took that trail down through the gap in the cliff mentioned above, then down, down, down to the truck.