Heart Mountain to Unnamed Peak -- May 12, 2007

Elevation Gain: 825 meters (2706 feet)

Climbed by: me, MarkL.

Every time we do the Heart Mountain Horseshoe, to the south of the true (2nd) summit there is a nice ridge that veers off to the south-east, and then ascends a rocky peak that appears to have no name. We've always wondered if you could climb it, and it turns out you can, if you know how. We didn't learn how until after we bailed out, unfortunately, but this gives us another destination to tackle next spring while the bigger mountains are still covered in ice and snow!

We followed the ridge until we got to a 10-meter or so downclimb. We had brought a rope, but it wasn't quite long enough to get us all the way down, AND the route description we'd found said nothing about a downclimb of this size. We looked around for alternative routes down, didn't find anything that looke suitable, and decided to come back with more rope next time. As it turns out, from someone who's actually done it, there is a short downclimb just west of the 10m downclimb at the end of the ridge. Mark and I think we scoped this one out and dismissed it as being kind of ugly. In retrospect, we should have checked it out closer, as that's probably the route!