East End Of Rundle -- Aug 4, 2008

Elevation Gain: 900 meters (2952 feet)

Climbed by: me, KevinLenz, ChrisZ.

Today Kevin and Chris and I decided to do EEOR. This was Kevin's first time up this one, and Chris's first time up anything. They both did really well, no one was injured, and everyone seems keen to do something like it again real soon!
Chris and Kevin at the bottom of the scramble. This is the picture I was going to show the search and rescue people so they could identify the bodies if they fell off the trail!
Slogging up the hill near the bottom. Chris still has his coat on! What a crazy-man!
A little further up. Kevin is wondering if we're there yet.
The trail is starting to get steeper, and Chris still has his coat on!
Puff! Puff!
Chris, with some beautiful scenery in the background.
MMMMmmm, that's a good granola bar!
Yay, we made it to the top!
Chris, caught in the act.
Chris, catching me in the act!
A bird's-eye view of the meadow 2/3 of the way up.
Chris, about to leap to his doom!
Kevin, peering off into space.
We decided to explore a short section of ridge off to the west.
A short downclimb.
Almost at the bottom again!