Heart Mountain Horseshoe in Reverse -- Aug 24, 2008

Elevation Gain: 875 meters (2870 feet)

Climbed by: me, MarkL, KevinLenz, Chris.

Today was the first annual (we hope) Tyrone Deane Memorial Scramble. Heart Mountain was the first scramble done by Tyrone, so is a fitting reminder of what he meant to us.

Unfortunately, almost half of the people who were supposed to come had to bail at the last minute. Hopefully next year there will be a better turnout.

It was a really busy day on the mountain. We ran into 69 people, 9 dogs, and one black bear (who saw us and ran away -- smart bear!). It was super windy at the top of the mountain. The wind must have been gusting into the 70 km/h range at times.

Doing this scramble in reverse, it's very easy to find the waterfall located near the bottom of the normal descent route. The trail naturally heads right for it. It would be harder to find if doing the route the normal way around, though not impossible if you already knew where it was. I for one never even knew there was a waterfall in the area! It was worth a visit.

The descent of the steep parts on the "left atrium" of the "heart" was less enjoyable than going up, but it was a nice change doing things the other way around.