Lawrence Grassi (failed) -- Nov 6, 2008

Elevation Gain: 950 meters (3116 feet)

Climbed by: me, KevinLee.

Mark and I had climbed this mountain several years ago, but neither of us had any evidence. No photos for me, nothing in Mark's log-book. Very suspicious, but both of us have clear recollections about climbing it. Mark went on to lead an Alpine Club trip up it, which I didn't join. So we knew for sure he did it, but my participation was still suspect.

Several years later, Kevin Lee, up from Argentina, suggested we do it again. In November. It's been a dry fall, so worth a try. It would be a good day with lots of exercise and fresh air even if we got turned around. Which we did. The conditions didn't seem bad, but the small amount of wind-swept snow near the top caused traction issues, and just before the narrowest point of the ascent ridge, we both decided there was little benefit to continuing on. So we turned around.

So close to the top! Within two contour lines of the summit!